Sep. 11th, 2017

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I read old journal entries from several years ago.  In those entries,  I was in the Rio Grande Valley, where I saw Green Jays and Great Kiskadees. I would like to visit there again someday.

The weather here is idyllic, while folks in the southeast are posting "I'm safe" check-ins on social media in light of Hurricane Irma. I walked tonight in Allen Station Park. Baseball teams played baseball.
I thought about scoreboards. Baseball scoreboards during my childhood were manual at least some of the time. Football scoreboards were always electrically lit. I thought how we always think of things are more modern now, and in many ways they are. But in 1985 when I drove into the DFW airport, the terminals and gates of American Airlines flights were posted electronically so that one could easily sort out where to go. That has been gone for years.

  I watched the entire episode of "The Orville" on my computer.  I watched part of it last night, but set it aside to view in full for later. I liked it.  I see that a lot of critics did not like the show, but I am not on board with the critics.

A lawyer I know down south described to me efforts she made to help folks in small town coastal Texas. Her story was interesting, and it also affirmed my story that small towns may get overlooked in relief efforts.

Breakfast: Millville crispy oats and skim milk
Lunch: Turkey sandwich and baked chips
Dinner: 2 slices buffet pizza, 1 slice buffet alfredo pizza, carrots, and lettuce.


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