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This little winter storm, with sleet making
hiking or kite-flying pretty hard to do,
got me into a cooking mood. My beef stew--simply cooked with browned beef, potatoes, carrots, bouillon, a bit of tomato soup--is nearly done.
I feel a sense of accomplishment, since I like to cook with a crock pot, but rarely do it anymore.

Rented The Kings of Comedy movie. I don't like every movie he directs, but I'm sure glad we have a director like Spike Lee, who knows to capture moments like these. It's an antidote to the corporate mainstream culture we usually see on TV or at the movies. My own theory is that the internet and improving technologies should make us all capture a broader culture than TV and magazines and movies do. That's what appeals to me about mail art, or ebaying my poetry book.
It's a channel around popular media. Similarly, I begin to mistrust all the folks I've known who have a need to be "writers" or "musicians". Perhaps all artistic expression should be a hobby, not a job. Then we'd see many more people hearing many more amateur chamber concerts, and much less
money being spent on gala symphony halls. There's two sides of the story, but at least I can watch the film (rented, of course, at Blockbuster).

I'm going to write to the ambient artist Diatonis to tell him how much I enjoy his new CD. I found out about it on an internet board at
Really soothing stuff, mostly synth, but multi-instrumental. I believe that CD has number 19 or some such written on it, so it must be a limited issue indeed. The great thing about nowadays is that the littlest artist with a few grand can
do competitive stuff. This, plus the internet,
means the end of record company hegemony.
The path out is not the plagiarists or the
napsterites. The paths out are good old fashioned competing companies, and fans leaving mainstream music behind and finding everything on the 'net.


Mar. 2nd, 2002 08:56 am
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Our north Texas weather varies a good bit this time of year. Last weekend, I was hiking in 70 degree weather. Last night, a huge cold front moved in. This morning, sleet is coating the ground, and shows no real sign of abating.
Last month, we have a one say snow storm.
Three inches, no real ice, beautiful stuff, melted in a day. We all said how that snowstorm was totally unlike the hard driving sleet, un-drive-able, miserable, that we usually get here. Today's sleet is in the "what we usually get here"
category. It's beautiful, in its way, but its
slippy-slidy. My wife made it to the airport before it began in earnest, and they put her on an early plane (I love Southwest Airlines--in Texas it can be like the city bus; show up and go).
Now I've got the crock pot out, because I believe a winter stew is in order (and I want to cook something up, because I don't think I'll be restaurant hopping in this weather).

The local Garden Ridge had its 60 hour straight sale on this weekend. I wonder if it's still going. It might be fun to be the only shopper
among the garden items and the plastic plants.
I like Garden Ridge, but it's mostly a spectator sport for me.

Maybe I'll rent a movie--something old-timey and good, or sci fi that would otherwise bore my wife.
I love a good sci fi movie, but "good sci fi movie" is often an oxymoron.

I sent my folks a thank you note on a postcard
done on a corrugated plastic (corruplast, somebody calls it--sounds like something mildly decadent)
postcard. The desert just outside Tucson--a place I could live if I did not live in TX.


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