Jun. 4th, 2017

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At dawn I ate Kix cereal and skim milk.

At 8:45 I walked along the creek on the Chisholm Trail.

At 9:30 I went to Weight Watchers. My weight was down a little over a pound.

At 10:20 I walked in Oak Point Park. A nice man paused from his fishing to talk,

At 11 I went to church. The associate pastor, who presides over The Way teaching service in the fellowship hall which I attend, is being re-assigned one town over.  He announced that the new associate pastor will not, at least in the short run, continue this teaching service with the Cokesbury traditional hymns.

At 12:15 I ate barbecue turkey with pinto beans, green beans, and a slice of Texas toast at Soul Man's BBQ.

At 2 I took Beatrice for a walk. 

At 4 I researched rental cars and things to do on vacation. I  left a voice mail and a message to start the process, and later reserved a rental car on-line.

At 6 I drove to my brother's house, where I gave him the display I made for him. In the case were a picture postcard of the William V. Pratt, the Farragut-class destroyer ship on which my brother served during his 1980s Navy years.  I also put in the case a ship's coin. It looks pretty good. My brother said he'll use it as a desk display. I hoped it would give him former-Navy-officer-street-cred.

At 6:30 I walked into the grocery store in the rain and bought oatmeal and bananas.

Later in the evening we sat down to watch the movie Suicide Squad.


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