May. 22nd, 2017

Senior Day

May. 22nd, 2017 07:17 am
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I walked early Sunday on the Bluebonnet Trail. This open-air trail features sidewalks on open fields under high-tension wires. An American Kestrel hunted from the perch of one of the metal girders.  This was a good second step after a morning of a breakfast cereal called Sunrise Crunchy Maple.

At Weight Watchers I found that I had regained the 2.4 pounds I had lost last week. This was more or less the desired result.

After Weight Watchers, I walked in Green Park, where I liked best the trio of House Finches in the small butterfly garden.

I went to church at Suncreek United Methodist  Church.  Sunday was Seniors Day, when they honor the recent high school graduates. Three students gave testimonials in lieu of a sermon.  In the third testimonial, a young woman told the story of climbing a mountain in Mexico while on a mission trip.  The climb took six hours. All but the last hour was an easy climb. The last hour proved strenuous. But the view from the top was amazing. She lay in her hammock and saw "billions of stars".

The graduating seniors each told us their names and what happens for them next. One fellow was joining the Air Force (he got an ovation).
One fello was going off to Fordham University in New York to study journalism and fashion.   Four of the students had gained admission to the University of Texas or Texas A & M, the more selective  among the Texas public institutions.  Many were going to nearby state universities in Oklahoma, Arkansas or Mississippi.  One was going to the fine local community college. A few were going to less-selective Texas universities. No proposed college major predominated, but engineering fields seemed to be a frequent choice.

After church I ate barbecue turkey, green beans and a roll at Dickey's BBQ.

In the afternoon, I arranged our air and hotel reservations for our short Wisconsin  vacation in July. The fare prices proved fairly favorable.

I went for a bicycle ride on the Watters Branch trail.  I rode for 86 minutes, covering 9.62 miles. I carried my camera in my backpack. I saw lots of birds, but nothing novel or unexpected.  I have a handful of bird lists that I need ot log into

I took Beatrice for a walk.  I took some nice pictures of a female Brown-Headed Cowbird. The female Brown-Headed Cowbird may be the most drab of the local birds.  But its very non-descript nature makes for a lovely picture.

We dined on chicken and spaghetti. We watched the season finale of "Call the Midwife".  I fell asleep and had a dream in which the actor Robert M. Downey, Jr. was a high school classmate. I chatted a bit with he and his dream-wife, but felt I was over-chatty, due to nervousness.


May. 22nd, 2017 09:12 pm
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breakfast: cereal, skim milk
lunch: fried chicken breast and leg, 1/4 biscuit and green beans
dinner: pork loin, acorn squash, corn-on-the cob
walks: Salmon Park in Sachse, Bob Woodruff Park in Plano.
interesting sighting: Yellow-Billed Cuckoo (first of year)

Tonight a terrorist bomb killed people in Manchester, which is heart-breaking


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