May. 20th, 2017

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Here's today:
a. instant oatmeal
b. an early morning walk in Allen Station Park. I liked the v-wings of the Common Nighthawks flying around
c. head to the church to meet up with the clean-up crew for Change the World--Allen
d. head with the group to a senior home in nearby Lucas for a major yard clean-up
e. fill lots of wheelbarrows with mulch, using first an inefficient shovel and then an American Gothic efficient pitchfok.
f. learn how important mulch is to my self-image
g. I haul mulch in wheelbarrows
h. I weed
i. I load brush into a trailer
j. I am a rocket scientist of manhandling weeds, both quick and dead
k. I keep hearing a species of bird called a Great Crested Flycatcher call
l. I finally ssee one atop a huge tree
m. lunch is a little ham in two slices of wheat bread
n. I meet lots of nice co-workers
o. I work from 8:30 or so to 3:45.
p. I walk in Suncreek Park
q. We go to San Miguel for dinner.
r. I eat two chicken enchiladas verde, salad and bean soup
s. we take Beatrice for a walk in the park
t. we  watch British mystery shows on PBS


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