May. 16th, 2017

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I woke up over and over in the wee hours. The final time I woke up I managed to be just in time to drive across the Metroplex to my teeth cleaning.  I like that when one's teeth gets cleaned, there is no mystery about the process. No mystery, that is, other than why the substance dabbed on one's teeth at journey's end feels vaguely metallic and foil-like.

I like my dentist. I went to high school with him. I showed him an issue with my teeth. I have to go back later to get a little work done. I like the dental hygienist, too. She always asks me how my wife is doing. Today is my wife's birthday, I explained.

I did not have time for a proper breakfast, so I picked up a cooked chicken breast at Tom Thumb. At lunch, I walked in small Dave Sanford Park in Sachse. After work, I picked up Boston Market and headed home.  I gave my wife her birthday card, whose photo was of a thistle. I brought home a slice of carrot cake--not quite a birthday cake, but far fewer candles.

I got good news this evenng. ccMixter editor Christine Bush awarded an "Editor's Pick" to my song "Code of My Heart". This song is derived from two original tracks by an artist named Speck.  I created the song by patching some Speck samples into a software synthesizer.  Then I created the melody and percussion--keeping it all a bit light and a little sad and a little off-kilter. I created the song a bit swiftly as I recall. A Twitter user tweeted that the song was "sad", and I am not sure if that user meant "sad" in the happy/sad sense or "sad" in the "unskilled" sense.

I liked that 'sad" tweet either way. What is not to like about a "sad' song tweet, whether "sad" or "not sad".

Chicago Fire ended its television season on a cliffhanger. The weatherman predicted rain. So I've seen fire and rain.

The media and the anti-media folks on social media are having a feast on the latest presidential controversy.  I say we all need a bit more Weetabix and a bit less sugary Lucky Charms cereal.


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