May. 9th, 2017

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A social media platform warned me of rain today, but no rain materialized. I liked the way the clouds moderated the heat. I saw a Facebook memory from a few years ago, when massive rains ended a north Texas drought.  This year is neither drought nor drenching rain.

Tonight the news is full of the firing of FBI Director Comey .  The replacement of Comey is not a huge surprise, but the timing of the firing is surprising.  This is all a puzzling time for our nation. I was unhappy with the way Mr. Comey handled the events leading up to the election, but his departure at this juncture is a curious development.

I walked Beatrice this evening. She loved her walk. We have good times together.

I picked up bananas and instant oatmeal at the Tom Thumb store. 

Breakfast non-fat milk and cereal
Lunch: vegetable soup, turkey sandwich and chips
Dinner: 2 hot dogs and sauerkraut


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