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The news that the president's son met with a Russian operative for the purpose of seeking "opposition research" about Hillary Clinton fills the news.  These are odd times.

I walked in Heritage Park at lunch. I walked in Allen Station Park in Allen after work.

I read an obituary from a few years ago about someone I knew a very little but not well in high school. I had not realized that she had passed away. I liked her obituary, which pointed out that she was active in a Narcotics Anonymous group and that she left behind pet named Scooter in addition to her other loved ones. I wish she had lived a longer life. I recall walking past her house once. A large Summer hat was hanging for decoration on her front door, like something from a garden cottage magazine. The world needs more hats on doors.

I heard radio stories about auctions of a letter by Jane Austen and, separately, a letter by Mao Zedong. I found it ironic that Mao Zedong's epistolary chats about Chinese poetry would have an auction prediction of over half a million dollars.  Jane Austen's critique of a female novelist was estimated to hit $ 25,000.  The collector market is a curious thing.

I liked that the pizza buffet brought back carrots and dill pickles

Breakfast: instant oatmeal\
Lunch: buffet pepperoni and Hawaiian pizza, broccoli, carrots, dill pickles
Dinner: whole wheat spaghetti, salad, arriagata sauce

Date: 2017-07-12 05:41 am (UTC)
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The are odd times indeed. I read similar stories, a number of which pointed out that these things are not crimes, but they sure feel wrong. It will all play out in time, I guess.

I bid on some old Hardy Boys books on Ebay last week. It was for 20 of the old ones from the 20's and 30s. The starting bid was $30, which I thought reasonable. They sold well above $200, which was well above what I was willing to bid. I suppose someone sees an opportunity in them. I just wanted to read them.

Date: 2017-07-13 05:44 am (UTC)
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I remember one of my first interactions with eBay. I had read something about a book about the life of St. Francis of Assisi, and found the book on eBay. I bid, and bid, and eventually the book was up to about $50. My wife discouraged me from bidding higher, and the book sold for something like $55. Not too long after, she presented the book to me, and reminded me that I had already purchased it in a used book store for $1.00. Lesson learned.


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