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Jul. 4th, 2017 08:34 pm
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Monday we picked up breakfast.  My wife had a morning massage. I drove around the countryside. I saw cornfields and giant modern-style windmills.  I bought beach towels in Fond Du LaC.

I called to see if we could rent kayaks to kayak on the Horicon Marsh. Unfortunately, the kayaks were booked up. We drove to the Horicon National Wildlife Reserve section.  We had been there Friday evening after closings hours. We wanted to see the interior of the center. It had a few nice things, making for a quick visit. We decided to drive to the nearby town of Beaver Dam.  We stopped for a sandwich in the town at Cousins' subs. I like going to local chain places.  The back of the chip bag told us that the chain was founded in 1972.

We drove to Waterworks Park on Beaver Dam Lake. A nice young fellow rented us kayaks.  He was great. He made sure our life preservers were cinched right. The park had a contraption called a kayak launch which allowed him to propel us into the water on little rails.  Had we gone out on the marsh, our experience might have involved eagles and pelicans and perhaps a friendly muskrat. On Beaver Dam Lake, we kayaked along the shore past lovely lakefront homes.  We did see Mallards and Double-Crested Cormorants, Canada Geese and a Ring-Billed Gull. We headed home.  We kayaked for around 75 minutes.

On the way back to Mayville, we stopped by the Nitschke Mounds. We viewed a couple of the sixty animal effigy mounds dating back over a thousand years. The mounds were longer and shorter than I expected.

In the evening, we ate a dinner at the excellent restaurant at our hotel. Then we walked to Mayville City Park.  The city hosted its annual Rock 'n' Boom Independence Day celebration. We watched an excellent rock covers band play songs like "Locomotive Breath" (complete with spirited flautist, albeit a flautist playing on both legs) and "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" (with a fiddle player belting it out  while wearing black pumps. The rock covers band was followed by a country covers band.

Meanwhile, an American Legion baseball game was in session on a nearby ballfield. The locals were taking a bit of an independent shellacking. When the game ended, the fireworks began.

The fireworks were grand. The crowd loved it. The crowd was several thousand folks strong, in a town of 5,000.  We had a great vantage point. It all ended in a boom. Then we walked back to our hotel.

This morning we drove back to Milwaukee. We browsed in the used bookstore run by the Milwaukee Public LIbrary. We ate at a lunch place run by Miller Beer.  We ate turkey sandwiches but drank no beer. When we landed in Dallas, we returned to hotter temperatures. A little black dog named Beatrice greeted us at the door, delighted to see us.

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