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After a fast-food breakfast, we headed ten minutes over to the town of Horicon., population 3,500.  We made it to Horicon Boat Tours quite early, as we were reserved on the 20-hour pontoon boat into the huge Horicon Marsh. A rainstorm delayed our trip and shortened it from 2 hours to 1 hour. But the hour that a dozen or so of us had was grand indeed.
We saw lots of birds--two Bald Eagles, Great White Pelicans, Eastern Kingbirds, myriads of swallows, and others.  We saw the interesting marsh. The guide was expert.. We arrived back at the landing just before the rains set in again. Though we originally had kayaking reservations for the afternoon, the weather caused us to cancel.  We got lunch at a local lunch place. Then we headed to the visitor center for the marsh run by the state. It was quite good, and gave us a chance to see more birds.  Then we headed up to the non-profit Marsh Haven Visitor Center at the most northern part of the marsh. We liked this down-to-earth place just across the road from the federal wildlife preserve.

We learned that new hiking trails had just opened at the reserve. We walked the Redhead Trail and the Red Fox Tra Wil. It was a grand thing to do--we saw Whitetail Deer, Ground Squirrels, Common Yellowthroat and Yellow Warblers, Eastern Kingbird, Gray Catvird, American Goldfinch, swallows of many varieties, and Northern Leopard Frog.

We headed back to our room and took it easy. We dined again at the nice restaurant attached to our hotel.  Wehave had a poor run with the Direct TV supplied to our room.Tonight we used the internet to watch the Great British Baking Show on my laptop. This worked well.

We had a grand day, filled with wetlands meadows and feel that things were not too hot nor too cold but very pleasabt,
Breakfast:: egg-white McMuffin
Lunch: grillecken, kernel born, baked potato, salad
Dinner: margherita flatbread and gumbo
Dessert: 1/3rd of a pecan pie tart.
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